Forestall ‘Sitting Illness’ With a Standing Desk

The human physique is made to maneuver. Truly the physique is designed to face and stroll lengthy distances. Sadly, with our info primarily based society, we not use our our bodies whereas working in agriculture or spend as a lot time outdoors getting train. Nowadays, a lot of our days are spent sitting, whether or not we sit at our desks for eight hours a day, or sit at dwelling, watching TV or simply resting.

A current examine discovered that, primarily based on 100,000 men and girls, the size of time sitting per day had an important dedication on how early somebody would die. The extra an individual sits, the extra doubtless they’re to die earlier. Probably the most shocking a part of this examine was the truth that even those that had a usually energetic way of life had been in danger. Which means should you plan on jogging within the morning, and sitting the remainder of the day, you’re no higher off than those who do not train in any respect.

This has rather a lot to do with blood circulation and the way our physique and muscle mass are designed. Within the sitting place, our blood circulation is decreased to the decrease portion of our physique. Moreover, our muscle mass can begin to atrophy with sitting over lengthy intervals of time. Muscle tissue shrinks and we’re not in a position to metabolize energy like we should always.

As a result of most of us have jobs that require us to take a seat, there is not rather a lot we are able to do to curve the necessity to sit down. There are a couple of choices, like ensuring to take breaks, and we are able to even go for a stroll throughout lunch (or deliver a coworker for a buddy stroll).

One resolution that’s catching on with lots of people (and corporations alike) is the standing desk. A standing desk will modify from a sitting to standing place which is able to assist you to sit or stand all through the day (primarily based in your vitality stage). With a standing desk, your physique will get that a lot wanted exercise, if you are usually extra productive with higher blood circulation autonomous.

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