With Exam Results Coming Out This Month We Ask, What Matters More: Experience or Qualifications?

When you are 17, failing an exam can feel like the worst thing that can possibly happen. You worked for years towards that exam and now it feels like it was all for nothing.

However, in the current economic climate could it be a blessing in disguise to forgo university and jump straight into the world of work? In the 4 years that your friends are in university you could potentially work your way up in a business and be earning a decent salary.

We would advise you to think seriously about your situation. Do you actually need to go to university for the job you want to do? We aren’t undervaluing the importance of university as obviously it is incredibly important; in fact it is becoming the norm for people to go to university!

What we are trying to say is that if your dream is to be an electrician, a make-up artist or a television presenter you are probably better off to go out into the big, bad world and get some first-hand experience.

Think long and hard about your future. So much pressure is put onto young people nowadays to go to university straight from school and then go straight into an amazing job.

It is okay to take a year out, get a job and think about what you want to do. It’s okay to take ten years out! Everyone says that life is too short, but it’s not! Life is long and you should use every bit of it to ensure that you are as happy as you can be.

You could go to university for 4 years, doing a course that you picked because it was the best of a bad bunch, be miserable for 4 years, graduate and realise that you have no idea what to do next. You could end up being stuck in a job you don’t want to for the next 6 years before finally realising what you want to, going back to university and then, after years and years, starting the career you want https://12classresult.com/.

Alternatively, you could find a job, work for a few years and really think about what you want to do, apply to university (you could also have built up a little bit of money to help when you go), do a course that you love and come out of it in the end and go into a job you love.

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